One evening, Louis, an absent and authoritarian father, writes a letter to each of his children before mysteriously dying in an accident.

FORMAT: 150 x 220
WORDS: 65 000 approx.
PUBLISHER: La Trace éditions

The Work

In his twilight years, Louis Maurand, a renowned critic, takes stock of his past.
In his art gallery, over the years, he must have pinned up many examples of feminine curves – evening stars in a loveless sky; yet, his Mona Lisa still paints herself in his eyes like a furtive tear, a sweet memory, far away but still very much present, forever hanging on the white walls of his life.
An absent, heartless, authoritarian and calculating father, he has also carefully prepared, throughout his life, the wooden frames within which his children’s professional and sentimental lives are inscribed. But the canvases of their lives will forever stay untouched by fatherly love. Louis Maurand does not share the spotlight.
That evening, however, he will write a letter to each of them before leaving this world. Is his leaving intentional or accidental?
After all these years of absence, indifference and unspoken family issues, Beatrice, Stanislas, Maxime and Hadrien set off in search of this shadowy father and a truth that is drawn on the very verge of tears…

The Author(s)

Céline Guarneri is an author and consultant in communication and project management. In 2019, she created L’écrit devant soi (The writing before you) to offer her experience in training and education to the fields of literature, management and personal development. She is the winner of the 2000 “Lire en fête” competition for her text, Les femmes et le XXe siècle (Women and the 20th century) and was also awarded a prize for her short story Le héros en littérature (The Hero in Literature) in the literary programme “Vol de Nuit” in 2008.

Key Sales Points

– The author sculpts her characters with accuracy, emotion and tenderness, depicting the interweavings of family to the sad air of a tango, where exile is sometimes the easiest score to play.
– Around a family secret, a furtive tear crosses, gathers, separates and reunites the threads of the past.