Indigo Desert Stories, Tales and Poems from the Sahara


Indigo Desert
Stories, Tales and Poems from the Sahara

Désert Indigo
Récits, contes et poèmes du Sahara

Annie Rolland
Mahdi Boughrari

FORMAT: 150 x 190
PAGES: 156
BINDING: Softcover with flaps
WORDS: 34 000 approx.
PRICE: 16 €
PUBLISHER: Tri Nox éditions

The Work

In the indigo night, while the jackal yells not far away on the mountain and the goats are gathered aroundthe nomadic encampment, the reader-traveller findssolace around a fire and the pleasure of a good story.

While being a combined travelogue, ethnographicessay and collection of tales and poems, Indigo Desert is above all an encounter with the Tuareg people of Algeria who are storytellers and poets at heart.

The reader walks on the Saharan trails in the company of nomads, crossing the roads of past and present travellers, both famous and anonymous, who never tire of the desert’s silent, harsh beauty

The Author(s)

A doctor in clinical and pathological psychology, Annie Rolland works as a psychotherapist in private practicein Brittany. Since 2000, she has made many trips to theSahara and discovered the culture, language, lifestyle and imagination of the Tuaregs. She is passionate aboutthe desert and wrote Indigo Desert in collaboration withthe Tuareg poet Mahdi Boughrari, with whom she hadalready published a collection of proverbs, tales and watercolours: Touareg Kel Ajjer (Librairie du Labyrinthe,2005).

Mahdi Boughrari
is a Tuareg poet who lives in Djanet, in
the Algerian Sahara.

Key Sales Points

– An overarching narrative, nourished by sensations, images, stories and readings, Indigo Desert has the taste of bitter, burning-hot tea and the scent of a warm breeze.
– As a reflection of the soul of a people, this book presents the mental, emotional and imaginary geography of the Algerian Sahara.