Dead End


Dead End

A sickly painter trapped in his psychoses, is suddenly
dazzeled with success and becomes a prey to financial speculators. The descent will be even faster than the climb.

FORMAT: 150 x 220
PAGES: 200
WORDS: 50 000 approx.
PUBLISHER: La Trace éditions

The Work

Julien is a sickly painter, out of step, enthralled by death. His canvases are shreds of his tortured soul. He has the feeling of having being put aside, of being a nobody, starving as an ill-fated artist who would rather buy tubes of paint than to something to eat.

Ten years later though, he meets Sigismonde La Barre, the young, trendy owner of a Contemporary Art gallery, who accompanies him to exhibitions of his paintings.

The dazzling success he soon comes to enjoy has, however, been built on the trashy side of his paintings. Buyers only see an opportunity for financial speculation and are not interested in who produced the paintings and why.

Fame turns him into an object to grab – everything he loathes. Trapped in his psychoses, he becomes prey to others, enough to destroy him mentally

The Author(s)

Jack Boland was born in Paris in 1936. He began painting at a very young age and wrote his first texts at the age of fifteen. In 1983, he created a theatre company, performing his own plays. In 2001 he wrote L’Algérie à en Mourir, followed in 2004 by Revers de Mémoire, published by Actes Sud.

Key Sales Points

– Dead end is a satire and an unforgettable tragedy, a tale from which you do not emerge unscathed. – This text plunges into the intimate torment of creativity,the all-consuming need to breathe through art and utterly and stubbornly give oneself up to painting – a kind of genius bordering on madness that frightens ordinary people.