This is the story of gifted and rich young people who
only about bitcoins and GAFA. But behind this mask,
another reality is revealed, one less shiny and much
more complex, of murder, mystery, and lies.

FORMAT: 148 x 207
PAGES: 212
WORDS: 64 000 approx.
PUBLISHER: Libre2Lire éditions

The Work

In early 2015, the trial for the murder of Anne-Sophie Sérisé, an executive assistant killed by her boss, begins. Jean, one of her former colleagues, follows the trial and remembers the years that have gone by. For a long time he had been rubbing shoulders with a world of young artists, intellectuals, YouTubers, web and new technology business leaders and creators beautiful people who used to meet in a few very private salons.
In 2013, he led two of his colleagues, Aurore and Arnaud, in an investigation into a company merger which catapulted the wealth of M, a man who has since become Deputy Secretary to the French government, and that of his strange special adviser, Pierre- Alexandre Ben Bella.
Did they disturb powerful interests? A few days into the trial, a detail clears the main suspect and the indictment collapses. Should M’s past be dig into to find the truth?

The Author(s)

Lévan Sardjevéladzé is the author of many successful video games that have reached several million players around the world, like Renaissance Kingdoms, which has become a great classic of its genre. Entrepreneur, founder, and director of Celsius Online and chairman of the French Union of the Video Game Industry, he takes a precise, informed, and tender look at the generation he describes. His latest book Beautiful People is a police investigation that outlines the glory and decline of the “startup nation”.

Key Sales Points

– A fascinating book, which begins like a thriller and evolves like a trap.
– A disillusioned criticism with a certain tenderness and a sharp philosophy of a society of codes and start-ups.