Yggdrasil Sentai Volume 3: Magni


Yggdrasil Sentai Volume 2: Vali

Yggdrasil Sentai, Tome 2 : Vali

Romain Huet

FORMAT: 130 x 180
PAGES: 192
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 4 000 approx.
PRICE: 10.00 €
PUBLISHER: Doshin éditions

The Work

Vali, a young girl from the streets, always accompanied by her best friend Sven, meets Hjalmar, a man who at first glance seems charming and who calls himself the Benefactor.

He promises the two children shelter, safety and food. Thus convinced, the two friends follow him but he turns out to be a fearful guru, espousing unwavering worship of the god Loki.

Sven and Vali grow up in this closed world, one becoming a soldier in the pay of the manipulator, the other becoming what he calls a Soothsayer – a holy woman. Taught by the soothsayer Eylis, Vali seems bound to become a human bomb to the glory of Loki, capable of restoring balance to the world.

Nevertheless, the young woman is beginning to doubt the validity of her mission.

The Author(s)

After studying electronics, Romain Huet left everything to go to the Pivaut art school in Paris, where he specialized in comics and illustration, graduating four years later. After meeting his collaborator, Philippe Briones, he brought out his first comic book, Geek Agency Level 1: Resident Geek, published by Ankama.

Key Sales Points

– A beautifully illustrated and well-produced book.
– Strong female characters and topical themes, notably including mind control and manipulation..