You, Daddy, to infinity


You, Daddy, to infinity

Toi, mon papa à l’infini

FORMAT: 215 X 302
BINDING: Hardcover
PAPER: 150g
WORDS: 1000
PRICE: 16 €
PUBLISHER: Editions La Pimpante

The Work

There are all kinds of daddy in the world. There are strong ones and little ones, big ones and ones with fat tummy’s. There are those that teach us to whistle and those who push our bikes, so we can pedal without falling off. There are those who grow tomatoes and those who give out kisses.
With the help of the words given at the end of the book, children can have fun describing all of the kinds of daddy they see in their own, or imagine the sort of daddy they would like to be when they grow up.

The Author(s)

Calouan is an environmental engineer. She puts words together, one after the other, letting them take flight and join up, creating worlds, moods and feelings. When not teaching environmental sciences, she knits stories for both young and old.
Jérémy Parigi is an illustrator from the south of France. As a prodigious consumer of cartoon books, he quickly gravitated towards studying Applied Arts.

Key Sales Points

– A tender, poetic story about the universal bond between father and child.
– An open world view.
– The success of the book in the same series, Toi, ma maman à l’infini (You, Mummy, to infinity), with 5000 copies sold.