Time Zone Tome 1


Time Zone Volume 1

Time Zone Tome 1

Tristan Pichard

FORMAT: 140 x 205
PAGES: 224
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 47 000 approx.
PRICE: 9.90 €
PUBLISHER: Editions Locus Solus

The Work

February 28th. Two fifteen-year-olds in the same class, both with their birthday on the 29th. Manon is a bit of a rebel and comes from a disadvantaged background whereas David is from a “good family”. This is not a leap year though and the next day is the 1st of March. But at 7:41 sharp on March 1st, time stops still. At the same moment a explosion is heard. Manon and David are both terrified. Everybody is frozen and the cars stop all over the city. It’s like a massive living statue contest! Soon a group of people, young and old, take charge of them and explain the situation. They are all Bartholons, born on February 29th and each non-leap-year, people like them enjoy an extra 24h to live while the rest of the world stand still… The two very different teenagers embarc on a fantastic and dangerous adventure in the motionless city. Surviving these 24h is not going to be easy.

The Author(s)

Tristan Pichard is 40 years old and lives in Quimper (France). His first titles in the collection «Magicus Codex» were published by Beluga in June 2011. He is currently an author, notably for Bayard Press and Milan.

Key Sales Points

– Ingredients: action, suspense, a good control of pace, a well-crafted storyline with twists and absolutely no downtime.
– A clever mix of crime and science-fiction.