Alice and the seaweed forest


Alice and the seaweed forest

Alice et la forêt d’algues

Valérie Valéro

FORMAT: 287 X 200
BINDING: Hardcover
PAPER: 170g
WORDS: 5500
PRICE: 15 €
RIGHTS SOLD: Argentina
PUBLISHER: Locus Solus éditions

The Work

The amazing story of underwater forests! When Alice meets a curious, learned seal on a beach, she does not suspect the wealth to be found beneath the surface of the ocean. Great forests of large brown seaweeds stretch across the coastal plains all over the world, harbouring an unbelievable biodiversity. Alice discovers the importance of marine ecosystems, vital reservoirs of life for our planet that are threatened by ecological disasters and overexploitation.

The Author(s)

Valérie Valéro has been a head production designer for cinema and live performances for twenty years. Alongside this, she has also developed her personal artwork. Myriam Valéro and Christophe Destombe are scientists who specialize in seaweeds at the marine biological station in Roscoff on the north coast of Brittany and Valeria Oppliger Zan is a researcher from Chile..

Key Sales Points

– Written by renowned scientists.
– A fully illustrated documentary album, introduced by the story of a child and a talking seal that leads her to discover the underwater world and seaweeds in particular.
– Wonderful, colourful illustrations.