At the Crossroads of Fate, Vol. 1


At the Crossroads
of Fate, Vol. 1

A la croisée des destins, Tome 1

Valentin Rousseaux

FORMAT: 140 x 216
PAGES: 324
BINDING: Softcover
WORDS: 80 000 approx.
PRICE: 15.00
PUBLISHER: La Plume et le Parchemin

The Work

Sasha is 14 years old and his life is normal, to say the least.

One night though, a strange dream turns his fate upside down. He is taken to a new world, one that is mysterious and dangerous and locked in the grip of a terrible war and ruled by supernatural powers. People control thoughts, cities are built on several levels and the secrets are as sharp as blades.

There, Sasha reconnects with abilities that have long lain buried, deep within himself, powers that make him exceptional, as well as an enemy.

He will have to fight for survival and to thwart his fate.

The Author(s)

Valentin Rousseaux is a young Belgian author and a
medical student at the University of Namur. He has
loved writing since childhood and started writing a
novel when fourteen years old. Four years later, his first
work, La croisée du destin (At the crossroads of fate), was
published. In February 2018, at the young age of 21, he
brought out the second volume of what was to be a
trilogy, receiving excellent reviews from critics.

Key Sales Points

– Written by the winner of the 2014 Orchid Prize in the category Emerging Talent.
– An out-of-the-ordinary book, halfway between fantasy and science fiction, where the boundaries between good and evil are porous.
– Fluid and addictive writing. From the start, readers are plunged into the heart of the action and the suspense keeps them holding their breath until the end.
– The young heroes go through intense and unforgettable experiences that change them forever.